BioXp™ Compatibility guidelines

For 350 bp to 1 kb, average GC is 20% to 70%
For > 1kb to 1.8 kb, average GC is 40% to 60%
All sizes, low internal complexity (no tandem repeats, low or high GC regions, etc.)

Step 1: Upload or enter a sequence in FASTA format
Step 2: Click 'Analyze complexity'
Step 3: See 'Results'
Step 4: Green sequences indicate a >85% likelihood of successful build.
 Red sequences indicate they are outside the BioXp complexity guidelines and have a
 lower chance of successful assembly. Many Red sequences build successfully.
Step 5: Select sequences you wish to include in your order, additional requested information and proceed.
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How to read your complexity results:
Results Green: Sequence has a high likelihood (>85%) of successful assembly. Submit sequences that pass into the BioXp™ ordering portal.

Results High Complexity (Red): This sequence is outside BioXp complexity guidelines and may have a lower chance of assembly. Consider the following:
  • Redesign regions that failed the complexity test to improve compatibility.
  • Include sequence in the BioXp order. Many Red sequences build well and is dependent on sequence dynamics.
  • Contact for additional guidance.
  • Order it as a custom synthesis order from SGIDNA.